Everyone who has legal problems has the right to obtain legal assistance from an advocate or lawyer. The fees or rates for renting a lawyer in criminal or civil cases are usually determined fairly based on an agreement between the advocate and the client, an average of millions of rupiah per case.

The first thing you need to understand is what kind of legal problem you are facing.

If you have problems regarding inheritance, land disputes, or so on, then consult a lawyer who is an expert in the field, not a lawyer who usually takes care of divorce.

Find several alternative lawyer names that you judge according to your abilities and legal problems.

You can ask your colleagues who have experience using the services of a lawyer.

-Find the complete information about the lawyer you need by using technology online or by calling your local bar association.

-You must determine the length of time it will take to resolve the legal issue you are facing. You also need to convey this to the prospective lawyer who will handle your legal problem, so that your legal needs can be prioritized later.

Reviewing the rates or fees for attorney services in resolving a legal issue.

Although the cost of handling a legal case is highly dependent on the level of difficulty of the case at hand, there is nothing wrong if you ask for information about the range of fees needed for just consulting or handling cases from a lawyer.

In accordance with the explanation previously mentioned, the fee for the services of a lawyer or advocate really depends on who the lawyer you choose and how complicated your case is.

According to the Indonesian Advocates Association (Peradi), currently the salaries of lawyers in Indonesia are very diverse and have a classification based on career paths to the law firm that oversees the advocate concerned.

Last year, for young lawyers or those who have just completed legal education, they had a minimum income of IDR 7 million to IDR 15 million per month.

This depends on the classification of the lawyer, whether he already has a license to practice or is still an apprentice, foreign language skills, and the certificates he has, such as intellectual property rights education and curator education.

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