Legality is one of the important things that business owners and company management need to pay attention to when they want the business and company to grow. Through this legality, companies can get legal protection and the opportunity to develop their business to be bigger. Companies with legality can also make businesses more professional and increase business credibility in the eyes of consumers, partners, investors, banks, and employees. In addition, legality is also a form of the company’s compliance with applicable laws in Indonesia.

To comply with business law becomes difficult when the business owner and company management do not know the applicable laws in All Country. Therefore, the company needs a legal team at the company who will help the company to take care of all legal issues, from taking care of permits, making agreements, to managing business disputes in the future. The legal team in this company is often called the legal officer . Do you know what their function is in the company? Why do companies really need employees in this field?

The Importance of Legal Officer Staff in the Company

What is a Legal Officer?

A legal officer is an individual or a person who has full responsibility for all legal issues in the company. A legal officer is tasked with protecting the company from legal problems, both internally and externally.

Generally, legal officers can be hired directly by companies, agencies, and other types of companies. Generally, they will report directly to a top-level staff member, such as the chief legal officer or chief legal officer , some even go directly to the BOD or the Director. Usually this happens when the business is still running or a startup.

Legal Officer Functions in the Company

The Importance of Legal Officer Staff in the Company have an important role in the company. As discussed above, the legal team is responsible for taking care of the company’s legality issues, one of which is business licenses. Without this business license, the company’s operations cannot run properly. There must be a sense of concern that the business will be closed because it does not have a business license.

In addition, without a business license, the company cannot develop and run in place, for example, the company cannot participate in large projects or tenders. Because large projects or tenders require legality as a requirement to participate in tenders.

Not only licensing issues, they also play an important role in managing all documents, legality, licensing, and other legal issues within the company’s internal or external. So that in the future the company can continue to operate without getting involved in legal problems.

Legal Officer Position in the Company

Within the company, legal officers are directly under the Board of Directors and expert staff of the Board of Directors. With this position, they can more easily coordinate with the company’s internal departments, such as accounting, marketing, HR, and internal audit.

Due to its strategic position, all information about the company must be known by the legal officer team , therefore companies need to be careful when selecting and recruiting legal officers .

Legal Officer Roles & Responsibilities Inside & Outside the Company

By having a legal team within the company, the legal officer can be an alarm that can immediately detect legal problems in the Company’s internal, so that it can be immediately resolved without waiting a long time.

Externally, a legal officer is also a liaison between the company and the company’s external parties when cooperation occurs. To ensure cooperation with the government, legal officers are tasked with ensuring that all company permits have been fulfilled, then make a list of permits along with the concept of submission to be submitted to government agencies. Meanwhile, when you want to work with private parties such as vendors or business partners, legal officers are in charge and responsible for preparing contracts or cooperation agreements and monitoring them.

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