The basic advantage of using Divorce Lawyers is that they are very familiar with divorce procedures.

For that husband and wife need to help and complement each other, so that each can develop his personality to help and achieve spiritual and material well-being.

Because the purpose of marriage is to form a family that is eternally happy and prosperous, this law adheres to the principle of making it difficult for divorce to occur.

To allow divorce, there must be certain reasons and must be done before the Court.

The Religious Courts in addition to having relative power as mentioned, also have absolute power with regard to the type of case and the level of the court.

Advocates can also become facilitators in seeking the truth and upholding justice to defend human rights and provide legal defenses that are free and independent .

Divorce Lawyer Role

Legal services are services provided by advocates in the form of providing legal consultation, legal assistance, exercising power of attorney, representing, accompanying, defending, and taking other legal actions for the legal interests of clients.

The job of an advocate is not a job ( vocational operation ), but rather a profession.

Because the advocate profession is not only economical to earn a living, but has a higher social value in society.

The plaintiff may also give such power of attorney in a letter of request signed by him and pursuant to the first paragraph of article 118 or on a claim made orally under article 120 . The latter is mentioned in the notes made from the claim.

Based on the contents of the article, it can be seen that the duties carried out by advocates are to provide legal services both inside and outside the court.

The profession of advocate is known as a noble profession ( officium nobile ), because of the obligation to defend everyone regardless of race, skin color, religion, culture, socioeconomic, rich-poor, political beliefs, gender, and ideology.

The work of an advocate is not only litigation, but includes other tasks outside the court, namely non-litigation.

Advantages Of Using A Lawyer?

Of course there are considerations if we will use the services of a lawyer, from the costs, benefits, reputation of the lawyer and various other considerations from each prospective client. Important! Don’t Make The Wrong Choice Of Divorce Lawyers

1. Avoiding The Flow Of Bureaucratic Administration In Court

For people who have never dealt with bureaucracy, there is a possibility that they will also have difficulty in registering divorce.

In addition, the services of divorce lawyers also understand the problem solving when dealing with the complicated and lengthy Indonesian legal bureaucracy.

2. Different Legal Systems In Divorce Law

Before filing for divorce, it is important to know what law will be applied and which court has jurisdiction. For a follower of Islam or a Muslim, the divorce process is carried out in the Religious Courts.

This difference is still unknown to some Indonesian people. When there was a difference in the courts, the divorce procedure was definitely different.

3. No Need To Bother Compiling And Registering Court Documents

Preparation of documents is an initial procedure that must be done before getting a divorce. This administrative process is an absolute must if you want to get a divorce.

There are legal rules and court administration that must be obeyed and passed in this filing.

In addition to costing, filing also requires people who have the expertise and knowledge and experience to make it. Divorce Lawyer Services have the qualifications and requirements needed in this filing process.

Using this service will make it easier for couples who want to divorce.

4. Management Of Gono-Gini’s Child And Asset Problems

One of the problems that often arise in divorce is the management of children and property. The problem has become an important object that is fought over by many couples. Solving these two problems requires deep knowledge.

One of these knowledge is knowing the rules used by judges in deciding cases. This rule includes knowledge related to the Civil Code, Marriage Law and other derivative regulations.

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